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Our Services:

  • Roof Repairs

    We offer a full service roof repair option. We come out and inspect your house for any weak points that may be causing your roof to leak. This could be as simple as a broken roof tile to an issue with your ridge caps.

  • Gutter Repairs

    We make sure that all points of your guttering are correct. It is so important that they are all lined up or else then we see heavy rain your gutters will potentially just over flow. I can also repair sections of your guttering that may be broken or have rotted through.

  • Ridge Capping

    It is really important that your ridge caps are not loose and just sitting on top of your roof. If this is the case all sorts of things can get in. I'm not just talking water but also pest like possums. They love it when they find an open ridge cap it just like leaving them an open door to your roof.

  • Roof Restoration

    If your roof is beyond repair then you may not just need roofing work but actually may need a roof restoration. This means we replace all the broken roof tiles, repoint and rebel your ridge caps then pressure the tiles and if it a cement tile roof we paint it and if it is terracotta then we can glass it. Leaving it looking just like new.